SmartRevenue Application Letter

December 20th, 2010 by acjohner

October 8, 2014

Nicky Barney

Human Resources Manager SmartRevenue
263 Tresser Boulevard 9th Floor

Stamford, CT 06901

Dear Nicky Barney:

I am applying for the Sales and Marketing Management position with SmartRevenue. I believe you will find my background in both marketing and the entertainment industry distinctively suiting fit for this role. Alongside my six years working as an ethnographer with SmartRevenue, I have also worked ten years in film, producing and directing my own feature documentary with global distribution, all while pursuing a masters in anthropology with a near perfect GPA.

I have a strong creative background and the ability to think outside the box with versatile skills in marketing, graphic design, video, and professional aesthetics. My experiences working in film and market research have prepared me to work on large M scale productions, with extensive responsibility, hard M deadlines, group leadership, and team synchronicity.
Over the past six years with SmartRevenue, I have worked alongside the team on 40 different project  as an ethnographer, including video M production and editing work for Bose Headphones and General Mills. Throughout the years, I have gained an integral understanding of the company and our vision to create transformative insight of marketing strategies and source innovative and winning solutions for our clients As a sales and marketing manager, I would aim to strengthen the graphic design of our proposals, integrate professional quality video, and apply my background in entertainment towards the creation of dynamic marketing proposals for clients.

I am dedicated to SmartRevenue’s mission and team, and ready to expand my role within the company. If you are looking for a results oriented, marketing manager, with enthusiasm for marketing and creative design, I would be interested in speaking with you further to discuss how I can integrate my versatile background into the SmartRevenue team.
Thank you for your consideration of my application and commitment to SmartRevenue. Please contact me at my email address


Andrew C Johner

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