Film Projects

Electronic Awakening

In the summer of 2006 Andrew Johner traveled out to the west coast of the US under a grant from his university to conduct field research investigating the mysticism of electronic music culture.  As an outsider to the scene, he was deeply intrigued to discover that such a deep spirituality existed within the core of this community. Throughout the course of his initial field research he continuously encountered stories of life-changing experiences that were happening on the dance floor at these events. From his previous research into the subject of ancient religions, he was curious to investigate if  what was being experienced at these parties were in fact tapping the same “sacred” source as shamans of the archaic past. He further theorized that if there were some true and gnostic connection between ancient ritual and this contemporary youth phenomena, an intrinsic and expressive transcendentalism verging on a religion would have developed within this dance community.  Andrew Johner set out to capture this spiritual movement that had awakened within the electronic music community and compile an explanation into a feature documentary film.

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